Mary Magdala Community

Donations to Mary of Magdala

Thank you for considering a donation to Mary of Magdala Church!  We offer several options for you to contribute your gift.

1. Click on the button and follow the prompts to contribute to Mary of Magdala Church.

2. Your check to Mary of Magdala Church can be sent to 1529 Wauwatosa Ave.  Wauwatosa WI 53213. 

3. Some members have instructed their bank to periodically issue a check to Mary of Magdala Church, mailed to Patricia Hrobsky as instructed above.  
There has been no cost from banks for this service.  Members find it a convenient way to give, without looking for envelopes and stamps.

4. Members have suggested that another route to contribute is to designate Mary of Magdala Church as a recipient when they annually compute a Required Minimum Distribution from their retirement account.