Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Christmas 2020 – “God pursuing Godself, and that would be us”

Rev. Jim Ryan, M.Div.,Ph.D. Christmas is, at the level of human experience, fundamentally personal.  I’m not talking theology, history, sociology, psychology or even philosophy.  I’m talking practicality about Christmas Spirit and doing for others, acting for peace, and carrying out the work of justice.  However, I would like to make the point that at its…
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The time of covid: Communitarian Individualism NOT individualism vs communitarianism

Rev. Jim Ryan, M.Div., Ph.D. I ran across Fons Trompenaars the other day.  Fons, a native of Holland, is an organizational theorist, management consultant and creator of the Model of National Cultural Differences.  He specializes in guiding corporations on getting things done from the standpoint of acknowledging and addressing multicultural differences.  In this covid…
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Prophets Speak for God, Priests Become One with God

Rev. Jim Ryan, PhD  — Co-pastor of Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Community 2nd Sunday of Advent —  December 6, 2020 You may be aware that the Prophet Isaiah was, along with being a prophet, a priest.  His call was dual – the prophet speaking for God and the priest becoming one…
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