Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

We can do both Joy and Sadness

“We can do both Joy and Sadness”© by Rev. Jim Ryan, Here are a few facts to chew on.  First, in 2019, that’s right – next year, ethnic minority children will be the majority of all children in the United States.  Second, minority children are already the majority among all children in 10 states. …
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Light of Life …… God-with-us

“Light of Life,,,,,,God-with-us” © Thoughts on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, December 16, 2018 by Rev. Jim Ryan, We have reason to celebrate today!  This 3rd Sunday of Advent, as a marker in time, is an announcement of good that happens with closeness to the Word of Life.  As John announces in today’s Gospel…
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Light of Life

“Light of Life” © Thoughts on the 1st Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2018 by Rev. Jim Ryan, Thomas Merton’s final manuscript which he sent to the publisher just prior to his trip to Asia in February, 1968 was published this year with a foreward by Sarah Coakley.  It has been given the title,…
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