Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Who am I?

Who Am I? Thoughts on the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 28, 2018 by Rev. Jim Ryan, So, here’s the thing about asking the “Who am I?” question.  Well, it’s the thing for me, maybe for you too.  Much first needs to be removed because the response to the question too often starts…
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Who are you?

Who Are You? Thoughts on Christian Unity Sunday, January 21, 2018 by Rev. Jim Ryan, Christian unity is the name we give to an effort that is marked with a lot of hand-wringing and agony over the actual disunity among the followers of Jesus.  Unity being ever elusive, to celebrate unity in a liturgical…
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Spirituality, the Radical Notion

Spiritualiity, the Radical Notion © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Community blog: This past weekend marked a moment for our Mary of Magdala community.  The moment was about sharing and storytelling and spirituality.  The moment lasted two days beginning with Saturday morning’s community meeting and flowing into Sunday’s Eucharist.   Pastor Alice, who facilitated Saturday’s…
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The 12th Day is for Showing — Happy Epiphany!

The 12th Day is for Showing – Happy Epiphany! © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Here’s a thought or two for those (count me in) who operate on the conviction that the Epiphany story is an elegant myth.  If you believe that the fulfillment in time and space of God’s Word requires the manifestation of…
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Complicity, Comity, and Social Peace

Thoughts on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day, December 31, 2017 by Rev. Jim Ryan, This Sunday is a not quite this and a not yet that kind of day.  Today is after Christmas but not yet New Year’s Day.  It’s New Year’s Eve but we gather in the morning.  With this…
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