Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

When ground is not ground and hope is not hope.

“When Ground is not ground and Hope is not hope.”         Thoughts on 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  July 16, 2017 by Rev. Jim Ryan, On this midsummer Sunday we have a philosopher’s delight.  Instead of completing the Crossword Puzzle on a beach plying appropriate amounts of sunscreen, we have word play nonetheless.  Here’s why.…
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How, then, are we not a cult?

How, then, are we not a cult?   thoughts on Independence Weekend, July 2, 2017 by Rev. Jim Ryan, We celebrate, on this 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, our Independence Holiday running all the way to July 4th.  This time of focus acknowledges that freedom is a gift to share and a challenge to sustain.…
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