Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

“Quaint ain’t everything!” thoughts on Ascension, 2017

“Quaint ain’t everything!”  thoughts on Ascension, 2017 by Rev. Jim Ryan, The Solemnity of Ascension, which we celebrate today, is about location.  We hear the story that Jesus is taken up into the clouds.  Where is Jesus?  Those who wrote this story and so much else about those experiences with the Risen Jesus did…
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A Presider pondering presiding

Easter Season, 2017 A Presider ponders presiding by Rev. Jim Ryan, Our Community at prayer is such a powerful and grace-filled event that it is important for you to know the perspectives that your presiders bring to the experience.  Perhaps it will deepen your own views on the what, the how, and the why…
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