Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

“See, I make all things new!” … ain’t it Beautiful?

“See, I make all things new! …ain’t it Beautiful?”© by Rev. Jim Ryan, Homily thoughts on the Fifth Sunday of Easter, April 24, 2016,  & Earth Day 2016 Biblical literalists may have some difficulty with the collision course that happens with certain texts about creation.  Today, for example we hear God say, “See, I…
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Gifts Due and Overdue

“Gifts Due and Overdue”© by Rev. Jim Ryan, Homily thoughts on the Third Sunday of Easter, April 10, 2016 I thank the Community for guiding thoughts in this compilation.  This morning at Eucharist we had a conversation about Pope Francis’ Exhortation that was issued at the end of last week.  In my own wanting…
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The Charge that Empowers

“The Charge that Empowers”© by Rev. Jim Ryan, Homily thoughts on the Second Sunday of Easter, April 7, 2016 The appearance of the Resurrected Christ on that first Easter Sunday evening has an interesting story to tell.  The combination of the gathering of his followers behind locked doors with Jesus’ charge of forgiveness shows…
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