Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Emergence, Aspiration, and Ashes

Emergence, Aspiration, and Ashes © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Cosmology offers much excitement these days. Think cosmos, the great “out there” of galaxies, universes, dark things – matter and energy and maybe you will know what I mean. Syfy is all the rage, isn’t it?  Not so very long ago cosmology, with its effort…
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Show & Tell or What is local church?

“Show & Tell or What is local church?” © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Homily thoughts on the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 31, 2016 Way back in the day I taught 2nd Grade. My career as 2nd Grade Teacher lasted one semester. It was, no question, one of the great experiences of my…
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