Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Demons in Face of Salvation

Demons in face of Salvation © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Seasonal change has come again. This one is that of reduced light and increased dark. This one is that of bringing in the harvest now that Spring’s sowing and Summer’s growing has proven productive. This one is of moving indoors – snow is not…
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One in the Many

“One in the Many” © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Celebrating the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 18, 2015 So, last Wednesday was one of those crisp and clear Fall days in Wisconsin that shocks a person into an immediate sense of the beauty that surrounds us. As the French philosopher Blaise Pascal said,…
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Bring Me an Easter Lily in the Fall

Bring Me an Easter Lily in the Fall © by Rev. Jim Ryan, It’s October 1. Easter Lilies are blooming in our garden. That may seem a bit against the natural cycle of things, nature wherein white lilies appear at Easter, you know, in the Spring. Well, first of all we’re probably all clear…
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