Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Branded yet Reforming

“Branded yet reforming” © by Rev. Jim Ryan, For some reason Pope Francis’ visits to Cuba and the United States have raised a resurgence of brand loyalty in me, perhaps in you also. Those of us who have the brand of “Roman Catholic” imprinted on us and in us may have had moments of…
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“What’s an inclusive, progressive Catholic to do …. next?”

“What’s an inclusive, progressive Catholic to do ….. next?”© by Rev. Jim Ryan, You find yourself, after signing the petitions, writing the letters, demonstrating, protesting…. You find yourself after educating yourself, attending the conferences, reaching out for mutual understanding…. You find yourself after praying with and for each other, sharing the depth of each…
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Word for the weary and Revelation for the humble

“Word for the weary and Revelation for the humble” © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Isaiah speaks to us today to remind us of the purpose of the Word of God by saying the prophet “sustains the weary with a word.” This word for the weary, this reminder that the Word of God has a…
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seeing “Jimmy’s Hall”

I saw the film, “Jimmy’s Hall” yesterday. Among other lessons conveyed, it seems to me, is the one that reminds us that oftentimes the most brutal wars are the local and neighborhood ones. If you haven’t seen the film it is based in the very turbulent, of course, Irish history of the 1930s. The worldwide…
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