Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles Catholic Community

Tradition with a capital T and Values with practical value

Tradition with a capital T and Values with practical value (c) by Rev. Jim Ryan, On the way to making his main point in today’s Gospel passage, Jesus speaks of the traditions that the Jews followed in the performance of rituals that were associated with a belief in correctness and purity in applying Faith.…
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Lived Experience, Authentic Love

“Lived Experience, Authentic Love” © by Rev. Jim Ryan, Lived experience is one of the gifts one gives to one’s beloved in marriage. Such mutually shared gifts result in the couple’s own shared lived experience. First, what is lived is each individual’s own experience of growing in the knowledge and love of self and…
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When the victimized faithful say, “Enough” Homily thoughts & Discussion on what we read in “Whistle.”

This morning we had a Eucharist Prayer for and with victims of sexual abuse by priests and others who horrifically used (use) their power over innocent victims.  What a sharing we had – an open, deeply emotional and spiritual, offering to each other.  Discussing this horror within worship, I believe, acknowledges its place in the…
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Intentional Eucharistic Communities – Homily thoughts and Discussion

PARTS I & II are presentations by Mary and Joe Burke who, with Jim Ewens, attended recently attended the gathering of Intentional Eucharist Communities in Minneapolis.  Jim also shared his thoughts with the community.  After you read what Mary & Joe have passed along to us, please join in the discussion. PART I.  Mary Burke’s…
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