All of you are the children of God, through faith, in Christ Jesus, since every one of you that has been baptized has been clothed in Christ. There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither slave nor free, there can be neither male nor female -- for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:26-28 


Mary of Magdala


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The Original Prayer of Rabbi Yeshua

Learn of the Aramaic world in which Jesus lived and the prayer as he may have taught it to his followers when they implored him: ”Teach us to pray.”

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A Statute with Limitations: Before #metoo

bookHope is being able to see that there is light despite all darkness - Desmond Tutu.  Follow it.

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Why I left the church, and what I'm hearing about it (Part 1)
The prospect of starting over after a lifetime is so daunting that I can see why many who leave the Catholic Church just give up on organized religion altogether.

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Why I left the church, and what I'm hearing about it (Part 2)
"Well, I couldn't NOT respond to this article in the NCR column penned by Melinda Henneberger that came through my inbox this morning."

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Dear Community,
I am posting the excellent homily on the Transfiguration that I used as a resource today on our website because I believe that it is worth your time to either read or listen to it, or both!
Pastor Alice


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Our Social Justice Organisations can use your help.

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Don Timmerman's book, "Midwife of Grace"

"I served God as best I could, starting as a farmer from Dickeyville, Wisconsin, and then evolving through many roles."

The book is available at Amazon, but Don is working at getting copies that could be sold directly so that Casa Maria would benefit more directly ..... Jim
"Building Bridges with LGBT Catholics."

A talk given by Rev. James Martin, SJ, Editor at Large, America Media, entitled, "Building Bridges with LGBT Catholics."(Video)

Reflections of Wellness for Women

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Meditation on 9 phases of progressive enlightenment. Reflections on a Thangka painting portraying stages according to Mahamudra Practice
Hello everyone, In our gathering yesterday at MoM's Centering Prayer group, we spent some time gazing upon, meditating and praying with icons. I sensed a deepening and connection in this practice with most members there. One new member who hadn't centered before (we did have a centering prayer sit) discussed some difficulty in centering as one works with formlessness, esp. how to handled busy mind and thoughts/questions arising during prayer. We discussed the Buddhist notion of the 'monkey mind.' A part of that "monkey mind" teaching comes from a Buddhist Mahamudra Thangka (like an icon) from the East. Catherine, who was in attendance yesterday, requested the link the youtube video which describes successive paths to enlightens and inner unity..... Ronald Mendyke

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Church Activities

Dear Friends of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

1..Human Trafficking
It happens EVERYWHERE according to trafficking victim Jennifer Kempton from Columbus, Ohio. Jennifer says that public awareness is a vital tool in eradicating modern slavery. Recently, the Green Bay Press Gazette reported that human trafficking is spreading throughout Wisconsin. Learn key Red Flags and report what you observe to the National Hotline: 1.888.3737.888 (good to add this number to your contacts).
2. Observe June 12th World Day Against Child Labor
Ashley Feasley, Esq. in the USCCB’s Office of Migration writes that globally about 120 million children between the ages of 5-14 years are forced to labor in domestic service, agriculture, home industries, etc. (This number exceeds 1/3 the current population of the United States.) We may purchase many products that these children work to produce for corporations – food, clothing, etc. Their labor in the supply chains of companies violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child. If we contribute to child labor in any way, we violate children’s rights and steal their childhood from them. The culture of consumerism contributes to a culture of enslavement. As consumers we can act responsibly to end modern slavery.
On June 26, 1987 the Convention against Torture entered into force, and thus June 26th has been designated as a day to help victims of torture. This month, interfaith organizations partner with civil and human rights advocates to promote awareness of the abhorrent injustice of torture. The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) also invites us choose a day for a 23-hour fast for a Torture Free World.

4. Family Detention – Action Requested
I recently returned from meetings in San Antonio, and passed the detention center in Dilley which is operated by the Corrections Corporation of America. Justice for Immigrants (JFI) invites us to send a letter to the women and children held in detention centers, letting them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that we will do all in our power to end the immoral practice of family detention. Catholic Legal Immigration Network has some tips and information on how to send the letters, as well as educational and other resources for your use. Please visit their website for details.

Then please take a minute to send a note to President Obama. JFI has prepared a pre-written letter addressed to the President urging him to end family detention. The letter recounts some of the extreme hardship faced by mothers and their children in these prisons and reminds the President of their right to due process protections under our law. Detaining these families violates their human dignity and compromised our national values.

5. Vatican to Release Encyclical on June 18th
NCR reports that Pope Francis’ much anticipated encyclical letter on the environment will be released on June 18th. As we prepare to receive the letter, the staff at Education for Justice offers two free resources: a reflection guide about how we relate with creation and ten suggestions for care of the earth. Please share these links with others. Thank you!

6. Book Documents Racism in Convents of Women Religious
Recently Dr. Shaneen Dee Williams spoke to the National Black Sisters Conference regarding her research on Blacks who entered religious life. Her forthcoming book documents the history of Black sisters in the USA. Included in her research are oral histories of members of the National Black Sisters’ Conference. (I recall that the LCWR exhibit about women religious in the USA had an entry about a congregation that held slaves, and testimonies of racism.)

Your Sister in Christ,
Sally Ann Brickner, OSF
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Coordinator
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

“If you want peace, work for justice.” Pope Paul VI