All of you are the children of God, through faith, in Christ Jesus, since every one of you that has been baptized has been clothed in Christ. There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither slave nor free, there can be neither male nor female -- for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:26-28 

News & Updates

NVC - Nonviolent Communication

Two Opportunities to learn about the practice of NVC - Nonviolent Communication.

NVC Practice Group
Freedom of the Heart

Meditation on 9 phases of progressive enlightenment. Reflections on a Thangka painting portraying stages according to Mahamudra Practice
Hello everyone, In our gathering yesterday at MoM's Centering Prayer group, we spent some time gazing upon, meditating and praying with icons. I sensed a deepening and connection in this practice with most members there. One new member who hadn't centered before (we did have a centering prayer sit) discussed some difficulty in centering as one works with formlessness, esp. how to handled busy mind and thoughts/questions arising during prayer. We discussed the Buddhist notion of the 'monkey mind.' A part of that "monkey mind" teaching comes from a Buddhist Mahamudra Thangka (like an icon) from the East. Catherine, who was in attendance yesterday, requested the link the youtube video which describes successive paths to enlightens and inner unity..... Ronald Mendyke

Here is the link.
The March on Milwaukee: 50th Anniversary
The March on Milwaukee: 50th Anniversary Coordinating Committee is hosting the 200 Nights of Freedom Kick-Off in the Rotunda at City Hall (200 East Wells Street) on August 28, 2017, from 5:30-8:00pm.

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A letter from Charlottesville, VA.

'I received the following from David and Diane Brownold, and I am forwarding it to you so you can read firsthand about the dangers of being Jewish, the dangers of being considerred "other" in America today.'
- Susan Ann Adrians

Read the letter here. It is chilling.
There are many good answers in here to the question, "Now what do we do?" It's a great read, with lots of fantastic suggestions.

Here's the link to INDIVISIBLE


Church Activities

Rev. Irene Senn ordained.


Congratulations and God bless Rev. Irene Senn, ordained a priest today in Milwaukee, WI by Bishop Regina Nicolosi.
May her ministry be long and her service graced.
Irene is a member of the Midwest Region of RCWP-USA.

First row, Left: Irene, West Allis, WI; Right: Regina, Red Wing, MN, is bottom Right.
Second row, left to right: Rev. Alice Iaquinta, West Bend; Ref. Martha Sherman, Salem, SD; Rev. Maria McClain, Indianapolis, IN;
Third row, left to right: Rev. Mary Kay Kushner, Iowa City, Iowa; Candidate Josie Petermeier, St. Louis Park, MN; Rev. Monique Venne, Burnsville, MN; Rev. Nancy Meyer, Brownsburg, IN

Six other regional members were present with us in spirit.

Channel 12 WISN-TV Milwaukee had a film segment covering the Ordination.
Watch it here.