All of you are the children of God, through faith, in Christ Jesus, since every one of you that has been baptized has been clothed in Christ. There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither slave nor free, there can be neither male nor female -- for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:26-28 


NEW! July 30th - World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

The United Nations has set July 30th as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons. UNANIMA International provides us with a link to the statement of Ms. Joy Ezeilo, the UN’s special rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, in observance of this first-ever commemoration.
Read More here.

Here is a link to the Protocol

And here are the countries that have signed the protocol and ratified it.

A prayer created by the US Catholic Sisters against humman Trafficking

NEW! News Team uncovers the growing ranks of female 'priests'.

The ABC7 I-Team uncovered the growing movement of Roman Catholic women who call themselves priests.
Read more Here!

NEW! Migrant Children – LCWR’s Urgent Call to Action (Call both your Senators and your Representative, please see below.)

Sister Ann Scholz invites us to protect migrant children and to urge Congress NOT to weaken the 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Act which requires our government to give legal protections to youth who arrive from certain Central American countries. Given our Sisters’ 2007 Corporate Stance against human trafficking, it is appropriate to contact legislators and share personal sentiments about our government’s response to the continuing immigration crisis because it intersects with human trafficking and victims’ protection. Thank you for witnessing to the Joy of the Gospel in this way. Peace and all good!
Sally Ann Brickner,
OSF Justice, Peace, and Ecology Coordinator Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 907-2315 “If you want peace, work for justice.” Pope Paul VI


Milwaukee Public TV program to watch! Read about it here.

NEW! Peace and Justice information shared by the Srs. of St. Agnes.

Please click here to read this information

We need to educate ourselves so we can participate in healing the causes of these kinds of tragedies in Milwaukee neighborhoods, by loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, just like Jesus told us in today's Gospel, John 14.

Police Lauch Patrol to combat gun violence.

Some gunfire and a little girl lies near death.

Police identify one suspect in 10 year old's shooting.

Playground shooting adds urgency to "Heal the Hood" block party.

In Search Of The Gay Clerical Voice in Vatican Statements About Gays

An article by James Ewens
Printed with permission of the author May 5, 2014 Click here.

Extraordinary Synod Survey Results

Last fall Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, General Secretary of the Synod, distributed to the bishops of the world, a preparatory document which concluded with a series of questions. Bishops were encouraged to seek consultation on these questions. Archbishop Listecki encouraged people to respond to the questions by making an on line survey available. Click here.

Papal Canonizations

This link will take to all the articles published in NCR that cover the canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II. Click here.

Renegotiating Our Relationship With The Earth

Nationally recognized environmental advocate and author Ibrahim Abdul-Matin will offer an inspirational call to action for people of all faiths . Click here.


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Church Activities

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We invite you to join us to share in the joy, peace, friendship, healing and love that God's Word, communion and Spirit provide.  We see ourselves as a spiritual refugee camp for the many disenfranchised, disillusioned and dishonored faithful Catholics who want to live their faith true to the vision of the Vatican II Council.   

(Soon we will have a Photo Page available so everyone will be to see some of the amazing people involved in this community! Stay tuned.)

Jim &  alice

Nancy Meyer's Ordination - 6/22/2014

The Roman Catholic Womenpriests of the Midwest Region held the Episcopal Ordination of Nancy Louise Meyer, priest from Brownsburg, IN on 22 June, 2014 at 2:30 P.M. at Calvary United Methodist Church, 575 W. Northfield Drive in Brownsburg, Indiana 46112. A reception followed in the church hall. Hundreds attended the liturgy.
Ordaining Bishops were:+Bishop Maria Regina Nicolosi of the Midwest Region; +Andrea Johnson of the Eastern Region; +Joan Houk of the Great Waters Region; +Olivia Doko of the Western Region; +Marie Bouclin of Canada; and +Bridget Mary Meehan of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, which is the southern area of the United States. +Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger of Austria, one of the first seven women ordained in 2002 on the Danube in Germany, was also among the ordaining bishops. Many clergy of other denominations participated in the ordination's laying on of hands, along with many other RCWP lay persons and womenpriests, including Pastor Alice Iaquinta of Mary of Magdala Catholic Church.
The Bishop Meyer succeeds Bishop Regina Nicolosi who has retired after five years of servant leadership to the womenpriests of the Midwest Region.
Your tax-deductible gift for support of women's equality in the Catholic Church, the mission of our reform movement is welcomed and would be greatly appreciated. Please make checks payable to RCWP-Midwest and send to +Nancy Meyer, c/o Pastor Alice Iaquinta at Mary of Magdala Catholic Church, 1529 N. Wauwatosa Ave. Wauwatosa, WI 53213. Thank you.
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  1 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 1
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  2 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 2
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  3 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 3
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  4 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 4
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  5 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 5
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  6 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 6
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  7 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 7
  • Nancy Meyer's Ordination  8 Nancy Meyer's Ordination 8

Parking will continue to be problematic for the Mary of Magdala and Wauwatosa Ave. United Methodist Churches due to the safety issues requiring the closing of the parking ramp and due to the zoo interchange construction. Only handicapped parking is still available on the second story of the ramp and that is temporary.

Parking permission has been granted to us at these sites on Sunday mornings:

1. East High School parking lots on 74th Street. 74h is a one-way street going south, so access from the north--off of Hillcrest.
2. Codie & Co. 1457 Underwood Aveparking lot
3. Red Store Lot - 7720 Harwood
4. Hart's Mill - 7735 Harwood
5. Blanchard St. - 7470 Blanchard St.
6. Harmonee Lot - 7600 Harmoneea

Worship Place & Time

Southeastern Wisconsin: Wauwatosa
Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostles
An Inclusive Vatican II Catholic Church
Serving Southeastern Wisconsin
1529 Wauwatosa Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
9:45 A.M. Mass every Sunday
Contact: Co-Pastor Alice Iaquinta RCWP, M.Div.
Phone: 414-791-9952
Facebook Page: Mary-of-Magdala-Apostle-to-the-Apostles-Catholic-Church

Northeastern Wisconsin: Green Bay
Mary of Magdala Apostolate (Working name)
An Inclusive Vatican II Catholic Church
Serving Northeastern Wisconsin
1641 Commanche Avenue
Green Bay, WI  54313                                                                               
4:00 P.M. Mass once a month in 2014:  Jan. 12, Feb. 9, March 16, April 27, and June 8
Contacts:  Green Bay Pastoral Associate, Carrie Arnold, Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.); Certified Chaplain
Phone: 920-217-0882    
Pastor Alice Iaquinta RCWP, M.Div.
Phone: 414-791-9952
Facebook Page: Mary-of-Magdala-Apostle-to-the-Apostles-Catholic-Church

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